Officine Mistrello is one of the oldest italian companies,
with over 2 centuries of entrepreneurial history behind it.

Over the decades the art of transforming steel has evolved from father to son until today to represent a huge baggage of experience that the company makes available to its customers.

For over 20 years Officine Mistrello has been designing and manufacturing machines and systems for the storage of sheet material and has specialized in this sector, achieving excellent levels of functionality of its products. Officine Mistrello now has over 1000 plants installed worldwide for the storage and handling of sheet material.

Officine Mistrello is a brand known all over the world, especially in the flat glass sector, collaborating also with absolute leading groups such as Saint Gobain and AGC and operates in many countries such as Italy, France, England, Portugal, Benelux, Germany, Poland, Russia, America, Canada, Australia and Latin America.

Recently Officine Mistrello its experience in the handling and storage of sheet-like products directly to the marble and stone materials sector.

The production includes fully automatic systems for the automatic movement and for the vertical storage of any sheet-like product.

Officine Mistrello stands out for its enormous flexibility and ability to adapt to the most varied requests, knowing that the market is increasingly demanding and requires extreme customization.

Precisely for this reason, the company has been asked to propose a solution to apply the same concept of the movement of glass to the marble sector.

The flexibility of the company has allowed in a very short time to find the right solutions to adapt its experience to a completely new sector but at the same time well known given the shape and size of the material to be moved and stored.

The company's aim is to supply products and systems that facilitate the handling operations of the slabs, making the logistics fast and safe.