SINCE 1805

Officine Mistrello S.r.l. is the entity with which the Mistrello family since 2000 currently operates in the Metalworking Industry sector. However, the activity of the Mistrello family has its roots as far back as 1805, when Francesco Giuseppe Mistrello began working with iron following his transfer from Sant’Elena to the Municipality of Ponso, where his descendants still operate.

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From the information held in the municipal and parish registers it is ascertained that the fame of the Mistrello family also grew in local politics with prestigious positions: Mr. Giovanni Vitale Mistrello was mayor in the municipality of Ponso (PD) at the end of the nineteenth century.


The World War II

the 70s


After World War II, the experience was strengthened, although always locally, with the activities of the descendant masters until the grandfather of the current administrators, Mr. Alfredo Alberico Mistrello, began to build the first machines for agriculture.


From the 70s the company's activity was strongly aimed at the agro-food sector, with the production of calibrators for cucumbers and other similar machinery. In that period the first exports abroad began, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, and other eastern countries, even to Brazil.


1993 officine mistrello is born


In 1993 the "OFFICINE MISTRELLO" was born, which began the production of machinery for the glass industry. Since 1993 the company, thanks to some original intuitions, approaches the glass handling sector and begins to directly produce orthogonal classifiers for the storage of large sheets. The production is aimed at domestic and foreign operators, with a prevalence for the latter market: the company has customers throughout Europe, as well as in the United States.
The production is carried out with the processing, cutting, and shaping of sheets, and the mechanization of the individual elements by means of an electrical system governed by computers. The plants are equipped with all the necessary features to make them appreciated by the main European companies with a good return in economic terms.

Few companies engaged in glass management technology can boast an experience like that of Officine Mistrello. Two hundred years of ironworking experience combined with the great enthusiasm of five generations of executives are truly a rich resource.

These resources, applied to the design and construction of machinery for storing and moving glass, have allowed the company to penetrate the flat glass industry market in the space of a dozen years. The product offered on the market allows glassworks to rationalize the space to the maximum and organize the warehouse effectively. Initial sales were naturally aimed at the local market, but the quality of the product in relation to the asking price allowed for an important success on the market. Already in 1997 in collaboration with one of the most important companies in the sector, the company created the first fully automated system.
Thanks to the collaboration between manufacturers, it has been possible to obtain total automation of the entire system from the classifier for the storage of the glass, to the glass pick-up system inside the classifier and finally to the unloading of the glass sheet directly on the horizontal table of the cutting lines.



Quality of commercial products and continuous innovative research
Competitive prices with good payment conditions

10.000 sqm

customer service


precision mechanical machining
medium-heavy carpentry
painting products
testing and storage of finished products

10.000 sqm





Padua Chamber of Commerce


Padua Chamber of Commerce
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The trademark is protected throughout the European community and in the United Kingdom

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Officine Mistrello is one of those companies that in the last twenty years has radically changed the way of approaching the market by developing particular attention to intellectual property.

Officine Mistrello has a flourishing intellectual activity. The patent portfolio, although not numerous, is made up of rights which have monopolized the sector in which it operates on various fundamental technical aspects and with licenses on some of these currently active protected technologies.



The software, although not registered, is another intellectual property asset whose value is fundamental for Officine Mistrello. The competitive advantage deriving from effective programming of the machinery produced by the company plays an increasingly important role: customers increasingly demand more speed, efficiency, reduction of errors and tracking. In this period, the company is evaluating the best protection strategies for its software to structure a confinable and easily identifiable capital around it.


Finally, it should be emphasized that the company's institutional brand has a long history with over two centuries of entrepreneurial history behind it. The first activities of the Mistrello family date back to 1805, configuring the brand as one of the oldest in Italy operating without interruption.

The interlayer removal system

The patent protection activity continued with the entry into the European phase of the international patent WO2019244061A1. The current patent portfolio in key countries, which currently amounts to 13 industrial rights granted in Italy and Germany, is also kept alive.

It is worth mentioning an additional technology protected and monopolized by Officine Mistrello: the interlayer (glass spacer) removal system subject to the various validations of the patent families EP2070848, EP2261145, EP2261146 and EP2261147. To date, the market is constantly monitored and there are no companies in the handling sector that offer such a system.