Store Pro® for warehouse management

Officine Mistrello provides as an option to its plants, software systems for the management of the warehouse of the raw material giving the user the possibility to know perfectly the position, the measurements and in general all the characteristics necessary for the identification of the slabs present in the warehouse.

On request Officine Mistrello can also provide high resolution photographic detection systems and identification and reading systems through barcodes for the identification and availability of any information regarding the material.

Specifically, the STORE PRO® management program allows:

1. to know at all times the real stocks of the warehouse which means both to facilitate the supply of the material decreasing the research time and calculate optimization plans on real quantities taking into account all the waste plates automatically redeposited on the compact storage (slab return );

2. to exchange data with optimization systems, synchronization between cutting tables and loader / bridge crane. In particular, the load lists of each bank are acquired by the STORE Pro program so that the operator does not have to fill in any list or even worry about where the machine should look for the plate (if set in automatic search mode). The operator only has the task of pressing the corresponding reservation button, thus going to query the load list. The load list can contain withdrawals and returns automatically managed by the program; each withdrawal, displacement or return operation automatically updates the stock in the respective deposits;

3. manage the traceability of the product which means being able to know the relationship between the lot and the job order, which is essential for a correct production management (supplier / finished product relationship for the customer);

4. create a daily processing file containing all the operations that the system (loader / bridge crane) has carried out, such as movements, withdrawals and returns. For each operation it is possible to trace the time, the characteristics of the slab and the traceability data of the lot. This information is very useful for production supervisors in order to monitor operators and production, to process statistical calculations such as the sales trend of a particular product over time, to verify the productivity of a department or a turn and of course store the traceability of the product on databases;

5. manage the warehouse correctly by means of an automatic search algorithm. This module allows the program to make correct decisions based on certain constraints such as for example the fact of downloading the warehouse element with fewer amounts in storage: for example if the plate type X is present in two elements with different quantities, the system will pick up from the most unloaded element. The automatic search algorithm favors the decrease in the number of interventions by the operator and therefore consequently limits the wrong operations;

6. print the warehouse stock on file or on paper for any operational needs;

7. being able to monitor the system from remote locations, which allows to know the real-time position of the loader / overhead crane and its components (for example the tilting table) and to know what operation is taking place;

8. to be able to have warehouses with many types of slabs. Indeed, at a purely managerial level, there is no limit to the composition of the warehouse; hypothetically, you could have elements with completely different plates by type and size;

9. simple use by means of a simple and intuitive graphic interface;

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